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Reduction of process costs

Location and Location Aware Software in manufacturing and logistics provide transparency and reduce manual processing efforts. Their use results in an annual process cost reduction of up to 40%.


Source: FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen

The three core pillars of INDUTRAX

Digitalisation of use cases on the shop floor

Our Location Aware solutions enable manufacturing companies to digitalise their shop floor.

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Our Applications & Apps

As Industry 4.0 building blocks, our applications and apps enable the agile implementation of solutions for different use cases.

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Integration of location technologies

The spectrum of location technologies is diverse and highly varied in terms of functionality. We are technology-independent and integrate many different systems.

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Essential for the digital revolution

Download our guide to reducing search time in manufacturing and logistics

Find out what important role the topic of location and identification plays in industry on the way to a digitization solution.

Our conviction

The use of location and identification systems as well as sensor technology in manufacturing makes a decisive contribution to increasing the efficiency, flexibility, quality and control of work processes on the shop floor.

Our Location Aware Software applications and mobile apps provide solutions that combine the advantages of modern production control with location, identification and sensor technology. In this way, we create digital logistics and production processes and enable manufacturing companies to digitalise their shop floor.

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