AAE uses PRODUCTTRACKER to increase throughput in production

Location aware optimisation of order processing in discrete manufacturing

AAE uses PRODUCTTRACKER to increase throughput in production. Manufacturing of the highly specialized products is organized with the help of the INDUTRAX application PRODUCTTRACKER in conjunction with the enterprise production planning and control system.

AAE is a cutting-edge, specialized high-tech machine manufacturer of production automation and advanced systems with multiple production and logistics facilities situated in Helmond, Netherlands. Manufacturing of the highly specialized products is organized with the help of the INDUTRAX application PRODUCTTRACKER in conjunction with the enterprise production planning and control system.

AAE’s customers are manufacturers in the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, consumer goods, semiconductor, solar and food industry. The manufacture of the diverse, versatile high-tech products in small quantities down to batch size 1 is organized in a build to order approach. The processing of orders spans machining, micro-laser processing, 3D-printing, sheet metal and construction, assembly in- and outside the cleanroom as well as measuring and QA steps with variable routings.

Manufacturing engineering and planning play a crucial role in production management and is executed in the enterprise production planning and control system. The INDUTRAX Location Aware solution uses real-time location data from the Quuppa Intelligent Positioning System to address the requirement for automatic transparency of the whereabouts and processing status of the orders and creates historic information on the actual routing performed in daily operations.

The interaction of the production planning and control system ISAH and the Location Aware application PRODUCTTRACKER enables all orders in production to be tracked automatically by location. AAE has a significantly improved overview of the status of orders in production, can find individual orders needed for the next processing step even faster and is able to react on unwanted situations instantly in a Poka Yoke approach. The no-code / low-code software tools of PRODUCTTRACKER help AAE to define queries and rules that help spotting specific unwanted events in daily operations and notify automatically shop floor operations for instant reaction. With the increased transparency errors are avoided and non-value add activities are reduced significantly.

The location data retrieved from the Quuppa real-time location system is processed by the core services of the INDUTRAX Location Aware Software with help of context from the digital shadow of the factory to create as-is process execution events in a data base with industrial reliability. This history of order movements and process steps is used to create various lean and geographic reports that provide insight into idle times in the production flow as well as actual physical flows. These location aware histories are added to the historic data from the production control system as an input for business analytics which then serves as a baseline for production planning optimization.

The result of the Location Aware solution is continuously increased throughput in production by leveraging existing resources from the automatic creation of location data-driven transparency about the production processes.

“We are convinced that location aware solutions have to be an integral part of our digital transformation journey and are essential towards our goal to decrease throughput times in operations. We selected INDUTRAX because of their sensor-agnostic software product and their highly motivated and experienced staff. By introducing the location tracking application as an extension to our existing production control system, we wanted to gain insight into things that we cannot get hold of in classical ways. Now we are profiting from the solution to enable a more streamlined production such that we can serve our customers even better.” – Kurt Wils, Manager Improvement / Strategy at AAE bv

“AAE is an excellent example of an INDUTRAX customer that looks for a long-term partnership to deploy a reliable digitization solution for daily operations on the shop floor and drives continuous improvement together with us. With the modular and open concept of our Location Aware Software, we deliver the necessary functions to turn raw location data into meaningful process information. Achieving the required industrial reliability for location driven process histories is a key success and we are thankful for the cooperation that helped forge the product. We really have lived up to the AAE claims ‘Pushing technical boundaries’ and are ‘Proud to be part of something great’!” – Nicolai Karl, Product Manager at INDUTRAX

After the successful execution of a pilot project in a limited area, the solution based on PRODUCTTRACKER and the Quuppa real-time location system was deployed into production in a 2 phased project across the 3 facilities of AAE including the cleanroom. Up to 2500 production orders are tracked simultaneously using Quuppa-certified active Tags from BlueUp. AAE is looking to further expand its facilities and the INDUTRAX location aware solution will be an integral part.

INDUTRAX is a leading provider of Location Aware Software and solutions that enable the combination of various technologies for location, identification and sensing with enterprise logistics and production control systems. INDUTRAX has successfully realised more than 100 projects to deploy location aware solutions at medium-sized companies and enterprise corporations such as AAE, AGCO, CNH Industrial, EJOT, Magna Steyr, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.