Digitising of business processes

Location and identification systems, sensor technology and eLabels support many different applications in the digital factory. Emphasis is placed on the processes that are supported by the software and the integration with existing IT systems and shop floor equipment.

We have extensive know-how in production and logistics as well as vehicle tracking in public transport depots. The focus of the solutions implemented at our customers is on these market segments. In other market segments solutions based on the INDUTRAX Application Environment are created by our partners.

We understand your requirements

  • We are familiar with different technologies and systems available on the market for the determination of identity, position, movement and physical / chemical properties.
  • We are familiar with logistics and manufacturing processes as well as systems on the shop floor.
  • Integration of technologies into enterprise software systems as well as the application of analysis techniques such as reporting and business intelligence are our „daily bread“.
  • Our methodology in putting together the right technologies for the applications is always solution-driven, not technology-driven. This is the only way to create a cost-effective solution tailored to the customer requirements.

We are digitising professionals

  • We constantly monitor the market for relevant technologies and innovations.
  • Systems selected by us are tested in our INDUTRAX Location Test Factory for their suitability in an industrial environment.
  • Validated systems are customized and adapted for productive use as „Industry 4.0 building blocks“ for solution design.
  • Our INDUTRAX private cloud enables a fast implementation of agile pilots at the customer site to validate and optimize the proposed solution.

Shop Floor Innovation

  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Systems
  • Analytics

Test Factory

  • Industrial evaluation
  • Integration


  • Release of the solution
    at the customer’s site

Digital Factory

  • Location Awareness in Production
  • Customer benefits

Our focus

Our focus is on production and logistics solutions in the manufacturing industry, consisting of medium-sized companies, the automotive and aircraft industries.

Our customers trust us

Our customers include medium-sized manufacturing companies, companies in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries as well as public transport organisations in Central Europe, particularly in the German-speaking countries.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Nicolai Karl