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Agile Industry 4.0 Implementations

Traditional methods of control level for the store floor according to the ISA 95 definition primarily include the collection of machine data (MDE) and operating data (BDE).

Targeted planning and control of production requires feedback on processes on the store floor in real time.

Our Location Aware solutions offer the addition of mobile element connectivity to automatically capture real-time material flow and object movement information:

Enterprise Resource Planning as well as Manufacturing Execution & Manufacturing Operations Management are completed by Location Aware solutions and enable comprehensive digitization initiatives on the store floor.

Customer success

The Location Aware Solution in Production and Logistics at EJOT

EJOT uses a Location Aware solution based on the INDUTRAX application PRODUCTTRACKER and various location technologies such as Quuppa ILS and GPS to optimize their manufacturing processes, integrated with the production control system SAP.

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Advantages of location-based solutions

Process transparency

  • Example: Tracking of production flows with comparison of TARGET and ACTUAL with automatic notifications in case of deviation from TARGET (process step duration, right-first-time, buffer sizes etc.)

Variable process control

  • Example: Context-dependent definition of 'forbidden' zones with notification in case of undefined entries

Flexible workstations (vs. fixed) & management of product variants

  • Example: Context-dependent plant management with spatial dependency

Efficiency increase

  • Example: Reduction of working capital

Financial advantages

Transparent tool costs in production

Payback period

Tracking and tracing in manufacturing

Annual process cost reduction

Source: FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen University

Customer success

AAE optimizes production with a Location Aware solution

AAE uses a Location Aware solution based on the INDUTRAX application PRODUCTTRACKER and the precise indoor location system Quuppa ILS to optimize their manufacturing processes based on Lean Management methods, integrated with the production control system ISAH.

Learn more in the Case Study!

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