Discrete manufacturing

Solutions for discrete manufacturing

Agile Industry 4.0 implementations

Manufacturing Operations require real-time feedback on the current state of production processes. Traditional control methods need to be extended to include mobile objects (production orders, assets, etc.) for digitisation and automation.

The behaviour of moving objects is an important addition to compliment traditional solutions in machine and production data acquisition and improve operations management and production control.


Advantages of location based solutions

Transparency of the processes

  • Example: Tracking of production flows, comparing target and actual activity with automatic notifications in case of deviation from target (process step duration, right-first-time, buffer sizes etc.).

Variable process control

  • Example: Context-dependent definition of ‚prohibited‘ zones with notification of undesired entry and exit.

Flexible workstations (vs. fixed) & management of product variants

  • Example: Context and location dependent worker guidance.

Efficiency increase

  • Example: Reduction of work-in-progress

Financial advantages

Transparent tool costs in production

Payback period

Tracking and tracing in production

Annual process cost reduction

Source: FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen

Use cases

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