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Agile Logistics 4.0 Implementations

Management of logistics operations requires feedback on the process in real time.

Operations outside of automated warehouses additionally require connectivity of mobile elements in addition to traditional methods of management for digitization and automation. The recording of positions of moving objects completes the common practice of manual recording and documentation of goods movements in the context of operations management and control of logistics.

Advantages of location-based solutions for logistics

Process transparency

  • Example: Tracking of stock movements with comparison of TARGET and ACTUAL with automatic notifications in the event of deviation from TARGET (target).

Variable process control

  • Example: Automatic call-off of materials according to the Kanban principle (e-Kanban)

Efficiency increase

  • Example: Reduction of the proportion of non-value-adding buffer times

Financial advantages

Automation of the goods receipt

Reduction of the manual processing effort

Tracking and tracing in manufacturing

Annual process cost reduction

Source: FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen University

Use cases

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