The Location Aware Software from INDUTRAX

Our software products use data from location and identification systems to make factory processes transparent and improve them. What we do is new. That's why we invented the term "Location Aware Software".

Location Aware : This means knowing where something is currently and where it was !

INDUTRAX products enable our customers in the corporate landscape to have uniform access to position and movement data, across plant locations. And this independent of technologies. In real time.

The core pillars of INDUTRAX Location Aware software products

Software building blocks for agile Location Aware solutions

Our toolbox with ready-made function modules, templates and NoCode configuration and programming aids is the basis for agile solutions based on positioning technologies.

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Digitization of processes on the shop floor

Digitize logistics and production processes on the store floor with our ready-made applications and mobile apps.

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Integration of location tracking technologies

Based on open standards, a wide variety of location and identification technologies are integrated into the corporate landscape for parallel operation.

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Our Location Aware Software Products

INDUTRAX Application Environment
The INDUTRAX toolbox
INDUTRAX Applications
Prefabricated modules for known use cases
INDUTRAX Mobile Apps
Clever apps for mobile devices
Full service provision of the software

Location Aware Software in use

Through our products, many work processes outside the office in production and logistics, indoors and outdoors, can be digitally supported.

Whether real objects in the material warehouse or problems in the production process : our software finds what is being searched for!

To do this, real-time information about movements is used to enable interactive applications. What exactly does that mean?

Our Location Aware software solves problems in the real world and detects them in the virtual world.

The real world: real-time support

Our software accelerates production processes: It supports workflows because it knows where certain things are currently located. This makes the production process more efficient. For example, materials can be found and processed more quickly:

The real world: automation in real time

Our software speeds up production processes: It automates manual operations because it knows which rules apply to certain motion sequences. This makes the production process more efficient. For example, automatic notifications can be triggered when an unauthorized movement is detected:

The virtual world: causal research

Our software recognizes where problems are in the digital model. In this way, it creates a basis for continuous improvement processes. It works like this:

The INDUTRAX software feeds databases. The collected data is visualized so that motion sequences become comprehensible: A glance at the visualization is enough: It becomes clear where problems in the production process lie and where processes can be improved. Improvements can be made in the real world at these identified points.

Our products are future-proof

Modern architecture

INDUTRAX software products are based on a modern software architecture with integrated InMemory processing logic and intelligent geo-algorithms for high scalability. All user interfaces run on modern browsers or on Android and iOS for mobile devices.


INDUTRAX Location Aware products support standard protocols for the transfer of measurement results from connected systems, e.g. ISO/IEC 24730, MQTT, EPCIS 2.0. For integration with enterprise and store floor systems, recognized interface standards such as http REST Api and MQTT are offered.


Solutions based on INDUTRAX products can be adapted and modified again and again over time with the help of our INDUTRAX Application Environment toolbox. Due to the strict decoupling between application software and hardware/sensor level, even a complete exchange of technologies is easily possible.

In this way, it is possible to react quickly to new requirements and future technical developments with the simplest of means.

Engagement in associations and research institutions

INDUTRAX is a member of VDMA and Omlox & PNO. We cooperate with universities in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as supra-regional German research institutes. The results of the association and research work flow into our product development.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Nicolai Karl

Chief Product Officer / Product Manager