Software for digitization

We develop software components for industry 4.0 solutions which leverage the potential of location and identification systems as well as sensor technology.

The industry 4.0 solutions include enterprise systems, which provide master data and control, any combination of real-time source data systems (location/identification/sensor systems) as well as shop floor systems, all integrated with our location enablement software.


Our standard products provide a rich set of location enablement functions:

The INDUTRAX Application Environment provides comprehensive location enablement software components, including

  • Standard connectors to various location systems, identification systems and sensor systems
  • Support for combined operation of different technologies
  • Configurable filtering and enhancement of the source data from the location / identification / sensor systems using the application context to improve data reliability
  • Configurable event generation with standard interfaces for connecting shop floor and enterprise systems
  • eLabel integration
  • Map visualization both in a global (multiple site) and in a local context (site details)
  • Business Intelligence based on configurable reports & dashboards

Solution specific applications are provided by ready-made templates to quickly implement the most common use cases in manufacturing and logistics as well as in public transport. Our mobile apps provide easy access to the application data.

Our products are future-proof

The INDUTRAX Application Environment is not another IoT platform but delivers uniform access to location and tracking data across sites and technologies. We implement standards in our products and integrate them as integral components in the software:

  • Capture of barcodes / QR codes is carried out in compliance with ISO/IEC 15418 & 15459, EAN/GTIN, GS-128, ILN, among others
  • Passive RFID systems are connected via EPC standards for communication and management: EPCIS LLRP
  • Reception of location data as defined by the ISO/IEC 24730 standard
  • MQTT as defined by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
  • OPC UA according to the Open Platform Communications Foundation (OPC)

In this way, solutions can be continuously enhanced over time. This provides the prerequisite to be able to react to new requirements and future technical developments with the simplest means.

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Nicolai Karl