INDUTRAX Mobile Apps

INDUTRAX Mobile Apps

Worker support and position data collection: These are our mobile apps

Easy access to information from Location Aware solutions. Support for workers on the store floor. Fast and automated acquisition of position data. The INDUTRAX Mobile Apps offer all this.

The INDUTRAX Mobile Apps run on mobile devices under Android and iOS and offer solutions for well-known use cases on the store floor. All mobile apps can be combined with each other and are based as hybrid apps on the function module AppServer, which is part of the INDUTRAX Application Environment (IAE).

INDUTRAX Location Aware solutions directly support workers in warehouses and production facilities in their workflows.

INDUTRAX MobileAPP to support processes on the store floor with mobile devices

We want to enable the best possible results from the use of Location Aware Software. That is why our INDUTRAX MobileAPP modules are used: Their user interfaces are optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Keyboardless data collection is easily possible by scanning barcodes and QR codes directly integrated by accessing the camera of the end devices or by integrating external wearables.

INDUTRAX Location Apps for automatic acquisition of position data

The INDUTRAX Location Apps run in the background: They automatically collect position data all the time. In doing so, they use the hardware of sensors such as GNSS/GPS, BLE or Passive RFID installed in the mobile device. This perfectly complements the modules of the MobileAPP.

What our customers say

The INDUTRAX software was implemented very quickly and the MobileAPP is very well received by the workers. The solution has become an indispensable part of daily operations and facilitates work enormously.
Mirco Cordes, Project Manager

The INDUTRAX Mobile Apps


The MobileAPP offers optimized user interfaces for smart phones and tablets. Different modules contain features for common use cases. The modules can be licensed individually or in combination.


enables easy finding of objects on a map view with Google Search style search options including optional display of the end device's position.


enables easy performance of a wide range of documentation tasks by scanning barcodes and QR codes.

This includes to mapping of tag ID's to object ID's, pairing of objects for indirect tracking, inventory by scan-to-position and much more...


Industrial app for locating objects in outdoor areas using BLE tags and GNSS/GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet


Industrial app for simulating a Quuppa tag with a BLE-enabled smartphone or tablet.