Eliminate unproductive search times

The ASSETFINDER application is an easy to use, affordable entry into the use of tracking solutions. The user interface allows intuitive access to search functions and map materials to display the location information of tracked objects.

Precious working hours are being wasted in production and logistics companies because the whereabouts of parts, products, orders, transport media, containers, tools and equipment in and outside the factories are not known and have to be determined by search. It even happens that orders are produced again or tools are purchased again unnecessarily because originals cannot be found in time.

The AssetFinder application is an ideal starting point for companies that want to introduce location and identification technology in their company and take a significant step towards digitisation. With it, we create an inexpensive and uncomplicated entry into the application of this promising technology.

Use cases:

  • Query and locate objects

The AssetFinder application can be extended to the AssetTracker application to enable real-time object monitoring and event generation with automatic notification functions, interfaces to external systems and historical evaluations.

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