Creating transparency in asset management

The application ASSETTRACKER supports the location-based management of production resources such as containers, racks, transport vehicles and tools. It creates transparency for asset management by providing a geographical and geo-schematic context.

The ASSETTracker application receives automatically the source data of the assets from the enterprise systems. Notification functions when defined events occur, such as leaving a restricted zone, arriving at the plant or falling below the minimum number in a zone, enable automated real-time monitoring of the processes involved. Historical data is available in the form of reports for analysis purposes.

Use cases (examples):

The software is the optimal solution for a wide range of use cases in production and logistics

  • Location-based management of re-usable bins, containers, racks, etc., also across multiple sites
  • Location-based management of industrial trucks and transport vehicles, also across multiple sites
  • Location-based management of shared resources, tools requiring calibration, etc.
  • Assisted call-up using eKanBan, messaging and commissioning from a pick list
  • Reporting and analysis

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