INDUTRAX Application Environment

INDUTRAX Application Environment

Software components for digitization solutions

The INDUTRAX Application Environment software easily integrates many different source systems to collect real-time data of the environment and provide meaningful business events to the control systems of our customers.

Identification by barcode / QR-code or passive RFID, presence detection by BLE, LoRa, GSM, location by GPS / Galileo, BLE, UWB as well as sensor technology such as temperature/humidity, weight, distance and air quality are used in combination with context information based on the physical environment as well as any integrated production or logistics control systems to generate business events.

By means of easily configurable sets of rules, these events are used to make the control of the target processes more flexible, efficient and qualitatively better. The visualization and reporting capabilities enable both a current overview of activities as well as historical evaluations for analysis and subsequent improvement of the target processes.

Modular functional components

Various functional components are available for simple and agile implementation of applications for the digitization of processes and workflows based on location, identification and sensor technology.

  • Connectors for easy integration of source systems

    Connectors for different source systems are available, based on the source system’s APIs, which can be simply customised for the specific customer environment. Where possible, industry standards may be used, such as ISO 24730 for location data, EPCIS LLRP for RFID, and many more.
  • Enhancement of the identification / location / sensor data

    Using the INDUTRAX position correction strategies, the source data is prioritized, filtered and plausibility checked based on the context of the environment (plant, building) as well as on the nature of the objects and their movement profiles. A mixed operation of different technologies in outdoor and indoor areas is supported seamlessly.
  • Intelligent geofencing

    Highly efficient geofencing, implemented with InMemory technology, ensures real-time entry and exit detection of the objects in zones, compensating for source system related measurement inaccuracies.
  • Event generation

    Location and sensor information as well as changes in context (e.g. property value changes) can be used to generate business events which result in updates via standard interfaces to control systems, shop floor systems or communication systems. Event definition is achieved by low code programming and is designed for ease of configuration by customers and partners.
  • Communication

    The import and synchronisation of externally held master data as well as the supply of the primary systems with event information is achieved via standard interfaces to the enterprise systems. Communication to shop floor devices is also achieved via standard interfaces and the use of manufacturer specific APIs.
  • Geoschematic visualization

    OpenStreetMap based maps and customer specific building floor plans provide both global and local geographic context. Representations of the tracked objects can be visualized either as symbols or as floor plan images, and their appearance can be dynamically changed in real-time based on scale or properties.
  • Reporting services

    The enhanced information is stored in a database and is available for reports, dashboards and process mining. An optional reporting module with report designer allows the creation of a user’s own reports and dashboards using ready-made components such as Sankey diagrams, heat maps, spaghetti diagrams, Choropleth visualizations.
  • eLabel integration

    The administration and supply of eLabels with display data based on generated events and external control system data is optionally available as a fully integrated solution.
  • System Monitor

    The System Monitor provides functions for monitoring the solution, consisting of monitoring the operation of the hardware including the management of infrastructure elements, battery management of the tags used and log file access for replay of scenarios for analysis.

Modern software architecture

The INDUTRAX Application Environment can be operated centrally via a server in the customer network on-premise or in the cloud. The software is platform independent and can be implemented on an edge device for certain use cases. All user interfaces, including configuration, run on modern browsers.

An integrated InMemory processing logic and intelligent geo-algorithms ensure high scalability. Storage of information can be configured either with the integrated SQLite database or via access to a relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server or ORACLE RDBMS.

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