INDUTRAX Application Environment

INDUTRAX Application Environment

The INDUTRAX toolbox

The INDUTRAX Application Environment is our toolbox for the self-service creation of Location Aware solutions. Self-Service - this means that all tools are available for our customers to easily implement and operate reliable Location Aware software themselves.

Digitization of processes with the help of location, identification and sensor technology

In our toolbox, partners and customers will find our experience in the form of templates and all function modules to easily and quickly adapt solutions for the digitization of processes and workflows and even create completely new ones: Based on intuitive configuration and no-code programming.

For this you need the toolbox

The industrial market is constantly changing: New products are constantly being offered, product variants created and existing products further developed. New machines and production methods are introduced. The working world is characterized by continuous changes and also improvement measures. Digitalization and the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions have a game-changing effect.

Digitization technologies and systems are equally modified and further developed in ever faster innovation cycles.

The INDUTRAX Application Environment helps with this.

Incorporating technologies

The fast and agile integration of tracking and identification systems into enterprise and store floor applications is ensured by using standards and available templates.

Adapt to changes

Adaptation to changes in processes, workflows and the environment can be carried out independently using the configuration tools provided.

Increase the benefit

The benefits from Location Aware solutions increase with the ever new challenges that are confidently taken by our customers controlled by enhancements with no code programming and configuration.

Further development

We verify newly developed technologies and make them available for easy integration into existing solutions.

What our customers say

INDUTRAX is our partner for tracking solutions. We see great potential in the INDUTRAX platform for future use cases in logistics. We will develop our own applications on the INDUTRAX platform and market them to differentiate our business.
Udo Rieger, Logistics Competence Center

Reliability - crucial for success

The INDUTRAX software guarantees the required industrial reliability necessary for digitization of processes.

All source systems, regardless of technology, provide raw data that has errors inherent in the system. The INDUTRAX software processes the raw data and validates it using context from the digital model to eliminate errors. This works similar to the navigation system in a car, which improves GPS position data using road geometry.

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