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INDUTRAX Applications & Apps

Pre-built software applications for the digital factory

As INDUSTRY 4.0 building blocks, our applications offer a project implementation framework for the agile implementation of solutions for different use cases.

Various configuration templates and common function blocks, suitable for the considered use cases of the solutions, reduce customer- and project-specific customization work for the creation of the customer solution to the most necessary.

All applications are based on the INDUTRAX Application Environment, a scalable platform that integrates a wide range of location, identification and sensor technologies and thus makes them usable in combination. All digitization technologies can be integrated independently or in combination, in outdoor as well as indoor areas, plant-specific or even cross-plant in the same solution.

Platform for the digitization of processes and workflows

All IAE function modules are available to our partners so that they can easily and agilely implement their own applications for the digitization of processes and workflows based on positioning, identification and sensor technology. Different source systems can be connected to the software via connectors.

Applications for the digital factory

General applications

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