INDUTRAX Applications

INDUTRAX Applications

Deploy Location Aware solutions quickly and easily

INDUTRAX Location Aware applications enable the agile implementation of Location Aware solutions on the store floor - both in production, shipping and logistics as part of a Digital Factory.

Easy implementation of solutions with INDUTRAX Location Aware applications

The INDUTRAX applications offer ready-made solutions for well-known use cases on the store floor of manufacturing companies. All applications are based on the functional modules of the INDUTRAX Application Environment (IAE). Due to our flexible and scalable platform, different location and identification technologies can be combined or used independently - both in outdoor and indoor areas, plant-specific or across plants.

To ensure the best possible solutions, the applications are tested together with IAE's Location Aware modules in the INDUTRAX Location Test Factory (ILTF). Together with the location and identification technologies of our partners, the applications can be optimized. After successful testing, the software is ready for an agile introduction at our customers' sites.

What our customers say

We are convinced that Location Aware solutions must be an integral part of our digital transformation journey and are essential to our goal of reducing lead times in production. We chose INDUTRAX because they offer a sensor agnostic software product and have highly motivated and experienced employees.
Kurt Wils, Manager Improvement & Strategy
Our management decided to roll out the INDUTRAX application PRODUCTTRACKER globally. By integrating the Location Aware solution into our ERP system, we can make automatic bookings and use the collected historical data to evaluate the quality of our production. Our long-term goal is to continuously improve production efficiency, process control and automation, and we expect to reap tremendous benefits from Location Aware solutions.
Christoph Peters, HO Operational Excellence Digital

How the INDUTRAX applications work

The aim of our applications is to create simple and fast solutions to address our customers' problems in production, shipping and logistics. The applications consist of various configuration templates and ready-made function modules. Standard tasks are thus reduced to a minimum of effort and specific adaptation work in the project is limited to what is necessary and sensible.

The INDUTRAX applications at a glance

Applications for getting started

Quick and easy entry into the implementation of digitization solutions on the store floor

Applications for the digital factory

Implementation of digitalization solutions for process monitoring and control on the store floor