Display of context-sensitive information in the shop floor

With the help of the eLABELMANAGER application, you can automatically keep the data to be displayed in the warehouse and in production up to date. automatically up to date. Changes in quantity and status, prioritization or special promotions can be mapped ad-hoc and quasi "at the push of a button" and remotely on the electronic labels. The application can be agilely integrated into different company systems and ensures the synchronization of the data to be displayed. synchronization of the data to be displayed.

The INDUTRAX Location Aware software offers functions for the seamless integration of eLabels and location. Within the software virtual packages of RTLS tag and eLabel can be created. This combination creates the Location Aware eLabel, which enables the tagged objects to be provided with location-related updates and information to the tagged objects.

Use cases:

The application is the optimal solution for a variety of use cases in production and logistics

  • Order information - display all order information directly at the order in the shop Floor
  • Machine data - display of Machine status and production orders on the shop floor
  • Put-to-Light - Identification of load carriers in the replenishment
  • Pick-to-Light - Identification of load carriers on the shelf incl. confirmation of removal
  • Pick-to-Location - Identification of load carriers in the area by map

The application eLABELManager can be extended to the applications ASSETTracker or PRODUKTTracker for the implementation of functions, which enable a tracking of the objects equipped with eLabel with live monitoring incl. automatic notification functions as well as evaluations of historical information.

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