Use solutions to maximum effect: Get off to the right start with the INDUTRAX.CLOUD

Implementing our solutions in your own IT infrastructure is possible. But it can be better: Use our INDUTRAX.CLOUD to get the maximum success out of our solutions for your company.

INDUTRAX.Cloud offers the implementation of digitization solutions in two different options:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The "To Go" option for agile and fast implementation of Location Aware solutions. Simple and secure.

Private Cloud

INDUTRAX Location Aware solutions are deployed in a dedicated environment for a customer. Specific requirements for scalability as well as security precautions can be taken this way.

Our cloud options are service offerings. The digitization solution requested by the customer is provided here and operated by us. Our customers neither need their own resources, nor do they have to build their own IT infrastructure. Everything runs via the INDUTRAX.CLOUD: fast, efficient and optimized for our customers.

Together with our partner myLoc, we take care of the infrastructure in a German data center.

Securing access to the data and creating backups with correspondingly fast restoration of system operation after a failure makes things round.

The advantages of INDUTRAX.Cloud

Fast roll out

We aim to provide the best possible and most efficient deployment of Location Aware Software. Within 1 day we can deploy SaaS environments.

The INDUTRAX.Cloud thus supports agile and rapid commissioning of digitization solutions for pilots and productive projects.

Efficient support

We want to enable the smoothest and most efficient use of Location Aware solutions in operations. That's why we offer a fully comprehensive service.

The services within the INDUTRAX.Cloud include in detail:

  • Monitoring of hardware, system and software
  • Lean processes for system adjustments and updates
  • Update compatibility guarantee
  • Standards + system optimizations especially for the INDUTRAX Application Environment (IAE)
  • KPIs are directly accessible and flow immediately into analyses
  • Preventive measures through system monitoring
  • Resource scaling for system changes