Creating transparency in production and logistics processes

The application PRODUCTTRACKER supports the location-based tracking of parts, components, work-in-progress and finished products in an industrial process. It provides transparency for production and logistics processes in a geographical and geo-schematic context.

The PRODUCTTracker application receives automatically the source data of production orders incl. optionally the production plans from the enterprise systems. Notification functions when defined events occur, e.g. exceeding the maximum duration of stay in a buffer or process step, violation of the specified production sequence, etc., enable automated monitoring of the processes involved. Historical data is available in the form of reports for analysis purposes.

Use cases (examples):

The software is the optimal solution for a wide range of use cases in production and logistics

  • Automatic capture of work-in-progress
  • Automatic tracking of finished products in the testing and certification process
  • Automatic tracking of finished products in the delivery process
  • Dashboards showing real-time activities
  • Reporting and analysis

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