Systems for event acquisition & information presentation

In the pursuit of Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies are looking for technological solutions to optimize their logistics and production processes that complement lean management approaches. Furthermore they must be easily implemented and flexibly adapted to evolving requirements, can be extended and are thus future-proof.

The spectrum of different location and identification technologies as well as sensor technology is very broad and highly diverse in terms of functionality. The market is growing rapidly and more and more system providers are establishing themselves.

INDUTRAX operates independently of technology and uses many different systems from different suppliers. We know the advantages and disadvantages of the most important systems in the market and keep a close eye on future developments. Applications in the context of digitization require access to sensor technology, eLabel and shop floor systems in addition to the data from the tracking and identification systems. Accordingly, we also follow technologies for the shop floor that contribute to paperless processes and create simple integration possibilities within the Industry 4.0 building blocks provided by the INDUTRAX Application Environment.

INDUTRAX Location Test Factory

In our INDUTRAX Location Test Factory (ILTF) many of the most important systems for location and identification, an eLabel system as well as some examples for the integration of sensors and shop floor systems are installed. Further developments and new products are tested there for their industrial suitability.


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