Systems for the electronic representation of information on an object

eLabels are electronic labels that use electronic ink (e-Ink) to present content on a display in a battery-saving manner.

The high-resolution displays in sizes from 1.6'' to 11.6'' can show text in three different colors, simple geometric shapes as well as scannable barcodes and QR codes, which e.g. link to workplace-related QA or work instructions. The eLabels are optionally equipped with a multicolor LED (e.g. for prioritization) and up to two response buttons (e.g. for page switching or completion notification).


Content to be displayed is transmitted wirelessly via a gateway, enabling centrally controlled display changes. Energy is consumed only when changing the content of the display as well as for regular contact of the server.

With the help of wireless transmission of your data to the eLabels, you can bring product, condition and order data at storage locations, load carriers and containers as well as on your order accompanying cards up to date in no time at all.

The creation, printing and replacement of paper labels is completely eliminated.

The eLabels can be supplemented with positioning technology, which makes it possible to provide the tagged objects with location-based updates. The extremely low-power radio data transmission allows both stationary and mobile applications.