Systems to identify objects

The term ‚identification‘ refers to the contactless determination of the identity of an object within reach of a reading unit at a certain point in time, comparable to taking a photograph.

Events such as entry into defined areas can be detected automatically if the movement of the objects is physically constrained (such as on a conveyor belt or passing through a gate) or by manual intervention. Objects and even groups of objects can be recorded without errors using barcode/QR codes, passive RFID systems or active location systems. Among other things, incoming goods, the pick up of loads with a forklift truck or the assembly of components into products can be documented automatically.

Identification systems are based on various technologies with different characteristics and costs.

The spectrum of identification technologies and vendors is very broad. Development is taking place in ever faster cycles. We know the advantages and disadvantages of the most important systems on the market and keep a close eye on further developments.

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