Systems which determine the state and properties of an object

In addition to the location of an object, other parameters which can be recorded by sensors are also valuable when determining an object’s condition.

For example, in the production of metal moulds by means of casting processes, it is necessary to keep the temperature and humidity of the cores used within the defined ranges in order to meet the quality requirements for the end product.

A sensor records physical (e.g. retained heat, temperature, humidity, pressure, sound field strength, brightness, acceleration) or chemical (e.g. pH value, ionic strength, electrochemical potential) properties of its environment qualitatively or quantitatively. The INDUTRAX Application Environment allows the easy integration of different sensors from different manufacturers by means of visual customizing tools in addition to the location of the tracked objects. Using the standard functionality available, deviations from the expected values can be detected automatically and notifications can be generated.

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