ILTF Test Factory

ILTF: The INDUTRAX Location Test Factory

Our demonstration and test environment for industry 4.0 solutions

Based on location and identification technology, the ILTF presents typical discrete manufacturing scenarios and demonstrates complete digital workflows for logistics and production.

The ILTF demonstrates the tracking of …

load carriers, containers, etc. in a closed cycle – also across plants; transparency in transport and delivery

means of transport and industrial trucks in warehouse and production

parts and components in the production flow; support of processes in goods received, storage and preparation for production (incl. e-Kanban)

orders, parts, components, semi-finished goods, production resources in production; support of production control, worker guidance, automatic installation documentation

finished goods in certification, test and dispatch

The ILTF provides an ideal environment for testing location and identification technologies for their suitability in a manufacturing environment. Various environmental conditions of industrial production facilities with appropriate equipment (mainly metallic) are set up to study the behavior of the systems under real conditions.

The software platform INDUTRAX Application Environment provides a complete value-added process from the delivery and receipt of raw materials and parts to the shipment of finished goods.

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Jasmin Merz



Download the ILTF Fact-Sheet as pdf (2MB)