Our services

Our services

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For production and logistics, we create innovative software applications and deliver solutions that combine the advantages of location and identification technology in interaction with enterprise applications and the shop floor.

The INDUTRAX team has expertise in a broad spectrum of disciplines from consulting to operational support and is composed of consultants, developers, project and support engineers. The core team has more than 10 years of experience per person in the implementation of location solutions in the manufacturing industry. We have implemented more than 50 installations, some with mission critical applications and provide them operational support.


Technology and manufacturer-independent consulting regarding location and identification technology

We provide consulting services on the basis of our best practices, which we have established over many years of experience in various implementation projects and the operational support of location and identification systems installations. The Best Practices are continuously being improved and updated.


  • Analysis of the current process and workflow structures
  • Development of optimization potential
  • Provide ROI calculation resulting from the adoption of location and identification technology


  • Definition of use cases
  • Technology Selection
  • Product selection
  • IT integration into existing ERP, MES, WMS
  • Recommendation of partners


  • Solution design
  • Proof of concept
  • Assistance in the requirements phase


  • Roll-Out Planning
  • Change management
  • Operational concept

Software development

Our development team creates functional building blocks for the INDUTRAX Application Environment using state-of-the-art software architectures in an agile development process.

Our development team is enthusiastic about new technology and knows the technical and process requirements of INDUTRAX’s core areas of activity. The team has expertise in industrial software development and real-time data processing as well as in the integration of INDUTRAX applications into existing company structures. The INDUTRAX products are built with modern architectural approaches and are platform independent based on open source components.

Creation of applications for the digital factory

  • INDUTRAX Application Environment with standard functional modules for a fast implementation of solutions based on location and identification systems

Customisation of solutions for process optimization in the digital factory

  • Customisation and extension of our standard products
  • Design and implementation of interfaces for production control

Project Implementation

Our project team creates added value through the agile introduction of technology with the help of applications based on the INDUTRAX Application Environment using our best practices process model.

We have many years of experience in the management and execution of implementation projects using location and identification technology to provide production critical solutions. We implement solutions on time and on budget, from simple to highly complex projects. The basis for this is our Best Practices process model:


Together with our customers, we provide operational support to production-critical installations in a 24/7 model, both in German and English language.

We currently support 65 installations of location applications in manufacturing, logistics and other industries, including 15 installations in automotive production at four different manufacturers with a tracking coverage of over 2.000 tacts (stations) in final assembly and five finishing and rework halls.

We provide the following services:

  • Incident management according to ITIL for the entire installation
  • Extended support services such as monitoring, software installation, start-up support and on-site inspection
  • Software maintenance for the provision of new versions or the elimination of software errors

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Arndt Degener