Our partners

Our partners

The network for optimal customer solutions

We rely on a partner network to complement our reach, know-how and solutions.

The implementation of value-added complete solutions based on our INDUTRAX application software using location and identification technology is our focus. In order to design the appropriate technology and software solution for you and implement it in your production environment, we rely on an established and reliable network of service and technology partners.

Technology partners


Low-power geolocation solution for IoT networks. The tracking devices use GPS combined with energy-efficient LoRa WAN communication to pass that location to tracking applications


IoT connectivity platform software to deploy public and private Low Power Wide Area Networks based on LoRa


Manufacturer of BLE-based tracking and identification hardware with optional built-in sensors (acceleration, temperature/humidity, air pressure)


Manufacturer of maintenance-free BLE-based tracking and identification hardware based on photovoltaic energy harvesting with optional built-in sensors (acceleration, temperature/humidity, air quality, ambient light)


Designs and manufactures IoT wireless and battery-powered devices for indoor/outdoor tracking, the digitalization of visual management, predictive maintenance and run time monitoring of equipment, energy performance and many other applications to boost processes and operations

m2m Germany

IoT & Industry 4.0 solutions mainly based on LoRa WAN for various applications in logistics


Manufacturer of the Industrial Smart Watch HS 50 for interactive workflows in manufacturing and logistics


Manufacturer of Noccela RTLS, a high-end UWB tracking system based on the Decaware chip, consisting of hardware and software.


Manufacturer of Quuppa Intelligent Locating System, a high-end BLE based precise location system


Manufacturer of Sewio RTLS, a high-end UWB precise location system based on the Decawave chip with a focus on ease of deployment


Manufacturer of electronic shelf label systems, consisting of hardware and software


Manufacturer of Ubisense RTLS, a high-end UWB precise location system with exceptional reliability in industrial environments


Efficient and highly scalable wireless mesh networks

Sales Partner

active logistics

active logistics is one of the largest providers of IT solutions for the transport and logistics industry


MPDV is the market leader for IT solutions in manufacturing and has created the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) as an interface between shop floor and IT applications


Testify is a mobile software solution for the quality assurance of business processes and enables quality and testing processes to be controlled transparently and made measurable

VLS, a company of the PKE Group

Supplier of software-supported solutions for production and process visualization in logistics based on video technology


System integrator with proven track record in the areas of production control / MES, SAP, industry 4.0/digitization

Development Partner

PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme

Offers industrial artificial intelligence methods for learning process data analyses and predictive production optimization with Deep Qualicision


Software development house with considerable know-how in digitization solutions


Information technology provider with a focus on Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things (IoT), digitization, digital customer experience, cloud-based applications and software services, and cloud migration of enterprise IT infrastructures